We are passionate about supporting small holder farmers.

At MINKA SCS AG we firmly believe that being a responsible business is our key to success. We aim to be a responsible employer, a responsible partner for farmers and customers as well as a responsible supply chain manager within the world wide community.

In order to fulfill our responsibilities to the farmers who supply us, the chocolate makers who buy from us, our employees who keep our business running,  the wider community in which we operate and the environment in which we all live and work, our approach to corporate responsibility incorporates Communities, the Environment, our Marketplace and our Workplaces.


We are passionate about supporting smallholder farmers living in difficult conditions and we have worked hard to become the responsible supply chain manager we are today. We established our own not-for-profit organisation called "Association for Development MINKA TARPUY" which also aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers in the developing world. Our customers pay premiums for traceable cocoa and these are invested by MINKA TARPUY in the smallholders which actually grew the cocoa we sold. MINKA TARPUY focuses on yield improvement and diversification as a mean of giving farmers a way out of poverty as well as on community development and support including water, health and education.


We truly believe that only ecological farming practices will assure the continuity of our business at long term. We are measuring our carbon footprint in order to develop a sustainable plan for emissions reduction and compensation.


As a sourcer of certificated cocoa, we have a responsibility to work with the rest of the international cocoa community to eradicate not only the worst forms of child labour from the cocoa supply chain, but all kinds of discrimination and exploitation. We take the lead with many smallholder farmers to motivate and support them to achieve certification of their crops.


We aim to reduce the number of accidents in our operations and to safeguard the health & safety of our employees and the general public who come into contact with our operations. We aim to be an employer of choice throughout all the countries in which we operate through our practices as a responsible employer.